Other services

While the services described above are the most significant for the volume of demand, we have detailed others, which in some cases are partially included in the previous points, as destination services, or exclusively.

These are:

    Other Services

  • Inspection of technical conditions of the container.
  • Inspection of containers unloading on arrival.
  • Supervision of placement and replacement of the seals on containers.
  • Detection and classification of breakdowns on the loadings.
  • Logistical and commercial assistance in the process of transportation, storage, receipt of goods, crossed out and identification, packaging, marking and preserving on the goods.
  • Quality controls of the goods through the types of tests, trials and / or analysis requested by the client.
  • Inspection of vehicles.
  • Measuring, weighing and testing or checking whatever is necessary for the preparation of stowage plans by any means of transport.
  • Implementation of Quality and Environmental Management Systems and Internal Auditing.