The integrity of the goods from storage, during handling, stowage and lashing in container is monitored by our inspectors, avoiding the loading of any broken/out of order merchandise or goods that don’t match the description on commercial documents provided by the client.
We collect evidence of the loading development but we also express our recommendations and we note in our Reports / Certificates all of that is useful for the correct download and interpretation of the condition of the goods.

Visual and technical examination of the container, the verification that it is appropriate for the cargo, its closing and sealing is a key point to this service, as guarantee of the integrity of the loads.

If we find technical flaws, we will advise its replacement by another which is in perfect condition.Our goal is that the goods meet satisfactory condition, without being damaged in transit until the opening of the container.

For this, in general terms the scope of our activities is as follows:


  • Physical identification and control of the quality of the merchandise.
  • Quantity verification
  • Check the storage conditions, storage, packaging and marks on the merchandise.
  • Sampling Plan implementation.
  • Visual inspection of technical condition of the container.
  • Description of handling and the loading process of the goods into the container.
  • Check the closing and sealing of the container.
  • Check the validity of the CSC.
  • Other clients demand.
  • Conclusions of the inspection.