Ship loading operations

The ship loading operations are highly complex. Our function is to witness and monitor the sequence of activities in which consist the operation on board.

We are witnesses and collect data of the lifting equipment used for loading and unloading, and the compliance of the port facilities code, the principles of stowage of containers or equivalent assembled on board, which must comply the operational and safety requirements, and ultimately we are there to ensure that the load manipulations will not affect the safety of the goods.

But first, we are proactive to customer needs and we are aware of the arrival of the ship and all details relating to the conduct of operations, making sure that your cargo is received in advance in the port warehouse, giving details about its conditions.

For such purpose, in general terms the scope of our activities is as follows:


  • Receipt and crossed out at port warehouse of packages to be loaded as per instructions on shipping documents.
  • Check the physical, environmental and organizational storage of the goods, their presentation, packaging and marking.
  •  Conciliation with the inspector of the shipowner the quantities to be shipped, in order to ensure that the amounts reflected in the BL, the physically shipped and displayed on the Certificate of Inspection fully coincide.
  • Monitoring transfer operations, lifting, loading and securing of the goods on the ship, means and methods used.
  • Monitoring the stowage plan in the vessel.
  • Description, classification and valuation of faults detected in the goods, and their nature and causes.
  • Other clients demands.
  • Conclusions of the inspection.