When the goods are destined for export, many times the merchandise stops at stores for being put into groups or divided and that involves a stop in its tour.

Check the conditions of the goods when they come to these stores, and check the physical and environmental conditions in these facilities too, it’s very important for settling liabilities in the processes prior to shipment (receiving, handling and length of stay).

It must be noted too, that an inspection of the goods, (in this type of installation or the exporter’s own) is a good opportunity for an independent third party to detect any gaps or misunderstanding or offer impartial witness about the conditions of the goods before starting or continuing their journey to export.

The specific means of transport of the goods could not be exclusive, and the goods could be loaded sharing the space with other loads, so it’s very important to define their quantities, to emphasize its proper marks, and to check their specifications of quality and external appearance. All of this is the key point in this type of service and it’s also useful for the category of domestic traffic loads.

For this, in general terms the scope of our activities is as follows:


  • Physical identification and control of the quality of the merchandise.
  • Quantity verification
  • Check the storage conditions, storage, packaging and marks on the merchandise.
  • Sampling Plan implementation
  • Supervision of technological equipment to be used for cargo handling, defining its type and if it is compatible with the merchandise.
  • Other clients demands.
  •  Conclusions of the inspection.