+ 20 years of experience guarantee us

VERAX, arises from the association of a group of professionals in international trade, which currently has more than 20 years of experience. We are dedicated to performing commercial inspections for goods from origin to destination. The changes of the goods in relation to responsibility and the processes of storage, transport, packaging and packing, loading and unloading, among other processes or handling operations, expose them to numerous risk scenarios which deserve to be controlled in order to ensure that the goods reach the final recipient’s hands in the contractually agreed conditions.

VERAX, act in these processes as an independent third party, totally neutral, assuming an impartial and truthful service and offering assistance and specialized services, depending on the type of goods or sector of activity concerned, to exporters, importers, wholesalers, freight forwarders, transporters, insurance companies, shipping companies, banks, and other participants in the national and international trade.

For all of this it has been designed and developed a series of services aimed to control the merchandise through all its processes, for avoiding or minimizing damage suffered by goods, claims that could occur or possible processes that in any case involve additional costs to all parties in the trade. If these would inevitably take place, the items collected during the inspection and the level of expertise and professionalism will help to settle any differences that might arise between the parties and therefore to formulating the best solutions.

The Certificates of Inspection, which VERAX. issues at the end of the inspection services, also provide a tool for evidence at banks, when the goods were sold through documentary credits.

Through the inspection team and correspondents they have, VERAX extends its activities in addition to the Iberian peninsula (Spain and Portugal) to North America (Canada, USA and Mexico), South America (Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Guatemala), as well as China in the areas of Hong Kong, Ningbo and Hangzhou and European countries like Italy, Belgium and Germany.

VERAX, is widely available to those who need their services, with a commitment to the quality and degree of objectivity with which it develops its work, are deserving of your trust.

Equipo de Inspectores.